Monday, December 7, 2009

San Diego - Day 5

It's a monsoon outside. I'm not even exaggerating. The locals are panicking a little. They're saying this is about as much rain as they get in a year. Lucky we are safe in the hotel!

From what my mom has read, this is the worst barometric pressure SD can have. So a nice experiment for me, I guess. And I'm feeling pretty good! I was so hyper last night, on no sleep whatsoever, I was afraid I'd have trouble sleeping again. Psh. Nine hours solid. Awesome.

On the school/life front, let's make a flowchart.
Plan A - Shrug.
Plan B - Roll eyes.
Plan C - Pull hair out.

We will see. Patience, grasshopper!



  1. monsoon.
    oh how i love it.
    the word.
    not the action.
    it's snowing here. you missed the first snow of the season. Lorelai Gilmore would be upset.
    the temperature is dropping fast here. its a low of ZERO on thursday. there's a whole lot of ugly coming at you from a never ending parade of stupid. i don't know how that quote relates to the weather, but whatever.

  2. Thinking and missing you!