Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No Idea

It's time to make some kind of plan, some kind of decision. Time to move in some direction.

Noooo idea. No idea what to do. Nope. I mean, there are lots of options...?

This is me. This is uncertainty. This is uncertainty eating me alive.

Results are in, 2008 was a record-breaking year for high mercury levels in Chicago drinking water. Tests for mercury poisoning are crummy, from what we can tell. But some symptoms include muscle problems, fatigue, hair loss. Sounds fishy. (Oy. Sorry.)

Oh! And I keep forgetting to post the article that was written about me and another POTS patient in the area, published a few weeks ago. There were definitely a few MAJOR cringe moments in reading it. Let's just say the reporter didn't check the facts with me before it went to print. All in all, still helping to promote awareness of Dysautonomia/POTS.


the days are getting longer!


  1. are you going to post a link to the article? Sure would like to read it! Mary - Minnesota (my 12 year old daughter has POTS) -- love your blog, by the way!

  2. Oops - didn't realize the link function is not working. There's the URL.

    Happy New Year, Mary!

  3. Remember, when God closes a door he opens a window. Fly my little chickadee, fly.........

    Cheryl, Steve, Ashley and Drew