Friday, December 25, 2009


And so it was proclaimed in the highest... APPLICATION SUBMITTED!!

Celebrate! And email my admissions counselor! And call him! At home! Ten times! Leave messages!

I've applied for Fall 2010 at USD. Looking into the possibility of living on-campus in the Spring (January-May) without taking classes. Also looking on Craigslist for housing in the area.

Free advice: When listing, please specify the gender(s) of the residents and who exactly it is that I'm calling. These situations are strange enough already.

[Man's voice] "Hello?"
"Oh. Hi. [Awkward.] Um, yeah. I was hoping you guys were girls? [2500 Stupid points awarded to me.]"
"Uh...yes? The tenants are female...[I am now VERY confused.] I'm the landlord."

And if you dont use punctuation no one will be able to understand anything okay what were you thinking not putting any periods or commas hello hello great location wait where is it and theres no pictures dont you want to rent your place is it so hard to poofread do you speak english utiliies included call TODAY!!!!!!!!!!


I love Deerfield! Had some more energy yesterday. t was great to be back at church and see everyone. You all rock! Singing the alto line is fun. And it scares the visitors. :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. We were SO EXCITED to see you, too, at church!
    Blessings,and "here's to 2010 being better than it's been" (there's a rhyme in there somewhere, even if it doesn't make sense).
    Sue Howard