Wednesday, December 9, 2009

San Diego - Day 6

Today we toured the University of San Diego, a private Catholic school. It is exceptionally beautiful. The admissions staff was very understanding and a lot more flexible with my limbo status of freshman/transfer. So based on my situation and my high school performance, they're making some allowances for me. I am applying for spring semester! Starts at the end of January.

Did I mention I'm feeling awesome?

So this is the plan. Get home tomorrow. Phone calls and paperwork and preparing for auditions. We'll hear about financial aid and go from there.

The back-up plan is to attend Mesa Community College and possibly transfer to USD in the fall of 2010.

Yeah. It's way more complicated than that. We'll see what happens. So, so, SO happy to be physically doing so much better though. Praise God!

" you guys have a hockey team?"
"Um, no. It's California. How about...windsurfing?"


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  1. Emma, we are so happy to hear that things are looking up. Not only is San Diego treating you well, it is beautiful there. We will keep our fingers crossed that everything works out well. Yea - a plan!