Friday, July 31, 2009


Again, not to get hopes up too high, but a couple days ago I had my best set of stats yet!

Lying down: 117/80.... HR 64
Sitting: ........ 112/81.... HR 58
Standing: .... 107/70.... HR 65

Temp: 98.4

Tilt-training: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Ah! So great! Systolics all over 100. My diastolic BP (2nd number) is normal -- yay! And my heartrate and temperature are awesome. I can't believe how high both had been for so many months. Now don't get me wrong, I still have my lousy hours. Sometimes the tachycardia is so consuming I can hardly think. Still some low blood pressure, still some irregular heartbeat, here and there, it comes and goes. This is like my high-score card. I want to get all my tests to look like this.

But I am SO hopeful! :) Did I mention 2 hours and 40 minutes standing? Fan-freaking-tastic!

And I sat outside and read today! Mentally challenging to prepare for school and I'm really overcoming the heat intolerance. Just how long did I sit in the sun? Um, I'll have to ask my ridiculous SUNBURN!!!! [Ooh, burn. Bahaha.] Yes, I am pink and proud!

I am just shocked by the strides we've made recently. I can't believe not a single doctor, not even the POTS specialist, ever mentioned tilt-training. We hadn't even heard of it from all our online research. Time to get the word out. Perhaps it will help other patients as much as it's helping me. :)

mo' aloe f'sho, bro.


  1. Sometimes the simplest things work the best. Keep going girl!!