Sunday, July 19, 2009

Math Munchers

My most popular accessory is a blood pressure cuff. Talk about pizzazz.

Most recent stats:
  • lying down - 101/64 ......... 65 bpm
  • sitting - 105/67 ......... 67 bpm
  • standing - 98/61 ............ 74 bpm

The goal is to keep the first number (Systolic BP) over 100. Looks pretty good today! I've started the Tilt Training (standing up for as long as possible - critical element of reconditioning, says Dr. Kaplan). Stood for over seven minutes today before I got sweaty and lightheaded.

We've been gradually increasing the Midodrine. I took 10mg yesterday and 15 today. I think it's helping; swimming today felt easier. I expect to be very sore tomorrow. Compression stockings soon! Chyea.



1 comment:

  1. So how high will the Midodrine dosage eventually get?

    Also, congrats on seven minutes. Soon enough we'll have you on the Wii Fit. =)