Friday, July 24, 2009

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Hey! Things have been really up-and-down, but mostly up! Some stats just for fun:

Weds night, standing (feeling well): 112/59
Thurs morning, standing: 89/56
Thurs afternoon, lying down (feeling crummy): 118/68, HR 59
Thurs night, standing (feeling well): 94/57
Friday afternoon sitting up, 111/67

Kinda weird that my symptoms don't necessarily match up with my numbers.

Whenever my systolic BP breaks a hundred, it's like I've won the lottery.

My heartrate was getting kind of low, so I skipped the morning bb's yesterday. Felt sluggish for a while...but I had enough energy in the evening to sort through a bunch of stuff! (Good-bye, 29 t-shirts. Don't worry, there are still 37 of you left.) Took a whole dose last night and a half this morning. Doing really well today!

OMG the tilt-training is going GREAT!!!! Unbelievable progress. I started, what, six days ago? I could stand for seven minutes then. Fifty-seven minutes today. YES! So exciting.

Um. What else. I dunno. Too excited.


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