Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spider Solitaire

Forgive the fragments.

Fever down to normal range! Tilt-training: hour and 10 minutes yesterday morning. Awesome. So sore just from standing so much, I could barely swim. Need to stretch more. Making huge progress overall, though; was excited to see some friends last night. Then unexpected chest pain, palpitations, muscle cramps, nausea, etc. I had to miss out. Ugh so mad. I hate how unpredictable this is!

Last night I slept really well, and today I had a lot of energy. Even did laundry! First time in forever! But the last couple hours have been awful. Pain and foggy thinking. Bleearrgghh. Little memory "blips" too -- like going to pick something up, and realizing it's in my hand already.

Working through this, one day at a time. Encouraging overall, but it's still a struggle. I think my mom said it best: It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle in midair. We're getting there.



  1. Hi Emma,
    I'm really interested in your tilt training...sounds like its going awsome for you!! So exciting!!

    What exactly do you do? Do you mean you stand in one spot until you get light headed and symptomatic or do you just stay upright doing "things" during that time?

    I would love to give it a try. If you have a chance, I would love to hear your explanation. My email is

    Thank you.

  2. "I hate how unpredictable this is! "