Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treasure Mountain

  • Tilt-training: 17 min! 22 min! 25 min! Yeaaaaahhhh!
  • Nauseous, foggy thinking, weird dreams, but overall doing well!
  • I have huge respect for anyone who wears compression/medical/surgical stockings.
  • High & Low for Systolic BP - 115 & 97. Not too shabby!
  • Finished Chronically Happy - a downer, but still some good advice. Starting When Bad Things Happen To Good People. A deep read, for sure.
And then Jimmy sold his car in less than an hour. Craigslist, say what!

AHH and Billy Elliot is coming to Chicago! That's right, all you other American cities. WE WON. Y'all can just wait your turn. Elton likes us best.

Olympics, puh-leez. Who needs 'em. We got Broadway!



  1. Who is the author of the book you're about to start? I've read a similar book, but I think it was "when" and not "why" at the beginning of the title.

  2. oops, you're right, it's "When" - by Harold S. Kushner. thanks for bringing it to my attention

    What did you think of it? heavy philosophical stuff goin on!

  3. yay tilt-tests
    yay reading
    yay the incredible speed of craigslist

    and man, back in the day, Treasure Mountain was amazing. Someday I'm gonna find all those old games and play them again.

  4. I thought it was a decent book, although I personally found a lot of holes in his arguments that I didn't believe I guess it kinda depends on your own beliefs and what does and does not work for you when it comes to that type of argument.