Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spy Fox

I have the most entertaining dreams EVER. Last night I dreamt there was a new planet called BarackObama. Being a brand-new planet, it was dark and devoid of life. Not a single tourist trap. Lousy idea for a vacation! *Takes spaceship home.* Then I joined a jazz combo. :)

Minor improvements today, still staying off my feet as much as I can. Heartache, headache, fatigued.

Ahh! I can't believe I forgot to mention, I finally reached the epilogue of my first "sick lit" book the other day. Took me long enough; I'd read just a couple pages at a time since December. His was different situation than mine, of course, but I related to the author's struggle to keep positive. He was 24 when he suddenly developed cancer and a brain tumor. Years later, he overcame both.

Best Part: In the last paragraph, he mentioned speaking at Snowball!! Totally made my day!

warm fuzzies,

P.S. Happy anniversary to my house. No matter the nail polish stains on the carpet; no matter all the endangered plants we accidently kill; no matter how many raccoons live in the ceiling of the garage and hide out in the car and terrify my sister on the way to school; it's still our house. Well... ours or the raccoon's. =]


  1. oh hey, that's the "Force a Miracle" book, right? Glad you got all the way through it. =)

  2. Call out the marines.......we have racoons?!?
    Love you lots.
    Happy Birthday USA,

  3. Where are the nail polish stains on the carpet??

  4. um, hello? the raccoon was living in YOUR car!

    there were a bunch [of nail polish stains] in the old house, plus a few in hotel rooms over the years. i'm sure we've covered up several in this house. My memory fails me. It was a good anecdote.