Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner

I used to read this book every day when I would babysit. Every day! Oh chilluns. I miss them.

Sat: more energy! Julia and I did laundry and watched Sunshine Cleaning. In her words, "AHH! THEME NIGHT!" haha
Sun: tired, sore.
Mon: Julia sick. I swam.
Tues: meh, same old. Exhausted.

Today looks good so far. I got 10 full hours of sleep! Yay! I haven't been sleeping well at all lately.

Getting psyched and nervous for the big trip. Guess who's gonna be there the same time as us? Aunt Lauren! Carleen! Jerry Seinfeld!! Oh yes. It's a sign. The whole world is flocking to San Diego. haha

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are well.


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