Saturday, November 7, 2009


Phew, it's been a rough week. Getting a few thoughts together:

1) The writers of the POTS petition submitted it earlier this week. Thanks again for all the support!

2) Adjusting to Celexa - ew. Nightmare. Hanging on to the fact that others have done well on it!

3) Greg Page is performing again! He is the POTS sufferer of most notoriety, being the co-founder of and the original Yellow Wiggle from the Australian children's band The Wiggles. He was diagnosed in fall 2006, at which time he had to leave the Wiggles to focus on his health. Sounds like he's recovered enough to be back touring with another band. Yay! Success stories are my favorite! Here's his website.

4) I got a call inviting me to participate in some POTS research in NY! I don't think we'll be able to make it, but POTS and/or Chronic Fatigue friends, let me know if you're interested in participating in a medical study in January. More info here.

To Madison tomorrow to see the shaman. Getting excited for Les Mis this weekend. Go Julia!


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