Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi. Still here. Weak and drowsy; tremors. I was saving all of my energy to see Julia's show, Les Miserables. Vocally stunning. Very emotional for me too, since I've had to miss so many events. All week my sister kept checking in on me. "Rest! Rest!" I'm grateful I got to see the musical, although it was extremely difficult to be out for 3 hours. My circulation's been acting up the last couple weeks, and the blood in my arms feels like ice water - a new symptom. At one point during the second act my entire right hand went numb. Scary, but also just upsetting that I couldn't applaud. Body, sometimes you...agh. You fail me.

I write this blog for a number of reasons, but mostly I'm just trying to be open and honest about what it's like to have POTS. It's ugly. And it's not fair. It's not fair to anyone!

The good news is some friends of ours just got back from San Diego - one who has arthritis and another who suffers from migraines - and both were symptom-free while they were there. Oh my. Please let San Diego be the Promised Land!

Start the countdown - 19 days.

My sister is awesome!


  1. Emma, I certainly hope that San Diego offers you some/lots of relief from all the symptoms that you have been having. We think about you loads and are praying for a long term solution that isn't just "waiting it out."
    Aunt Cheryl

  2. emma!!
    you are the best sister ever!