Monday, November 9, 2009

The Giving Tree

Today we went to see Myron the shaman. We had no idea what to expect. It was a Hail Mary pass, trying out this type of treatment, but I think the day's been rewarding. It's healthy to be open-minded about all cultures and their respective views on healing. Western medicine just doesn't jive with everybody. I believe God seeks to bring us peace.

I'll save the long stories for another time, but basically the shaman established and interpreted some resonances. He read that I'm very disturbed by the fact that the world isn't fair -- isn't even close. And he reminded me that there's a difference between empathy and carrying burdens. True and true.

Good, weird experience. So we'll see in a few days if I'm feeling better or more energized. Hope and pray!

The shaman also mentioned that he's going to San Diego this winter too. And even with his worldwide travels, he's never been there before. Coincidence? Hmm...

nourish your soul,

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