Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Lovers Club

October Lovers Club is, in my humble opinion, the best club at U of I. I didn't get a chance to officially join, but truly, I hold it in high esteem.

I love OLC because it celebrates everything about October, autumn, and the unity of a college campus, particularly a college campus surrounded by corn. And apple orchards. And an abundance of horticulture experts. But mostly corn. Welcome to Illinois, the cream of the crop. There's basketball season...and harvest season. Which one do you think gets more attention?

And those rumors explaining why the Undergraduate Library was built underground... yep. All true. As the song says, You can't throw shade on the corn!

I'm not kidding.

Blog titles this month will honor October's greatest features. Honoree #1: The October Lovers Club t-shirts.

morrow plots,

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