Monday, October 5, 2009

Crunchy-Looking Leaves

Oh. Hi. Time for a semi-substantive update?

Unpredictable. Cold extremities, tired, headaches, chest pain, palpitations. Numbers are okay. Still doing the tilt-training, lots of sodium and fluids, 5 Hour Energy, swimming on occasion. I'm getting by.

School is...not looking good. Rar. Stupid body. Prayer and patience, keeping a sense of humor.

SNL - Threw It On The Ground - hahaha

peace up, a-town down,


  1. I'm mad at your illness- I want it to leave you alone! :(
    Hoping for better days soon...

    <3 Aud

  2. Honey,
    I am so sorry that you are struggling again. I'll pray for strength and recovery - plus to kick this stupid POTS out of your body. I keep hoping that you will wake up one morning and be back to your normal self.
    Healing thoughts - Aunt Cheryl