Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harvest Moon

There are some better hours. And then there are days when you think Honestly. Papier-mache, in all its noxious, sticky, loathsome horror...yes. Even papier-mache could improve the way I'm feeling right now. haha.

The more emails I get, the more I'm determined to keep speaking out for POTS awareness, funding, patient support, everything. It breaks my heart what we go through. Doctors are often so quick to dismiss the symptoms. Patients are told for years on end, "Oh calm down. You're just stressed. Stop exaggerating. Get over it." Unacceptable. It's bad enough that POTS and other forms of Dysautonomia aren't on the medical radar. But it is nothing short of degrading to suggest and to insist - "The tests were fine...'re fine. Quit whining." Ugh. Totally unacceptable. Time for change.

Thank you for signing the petition to raise awareness for Dysautonomia! (Here it is again: Dysautonomia Petition) So far, over 700 signatures from around the world, keep passing it on! High five! :)

Stay snazzy,

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