Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Something More" / Sugarland

Today's music:Something More

Mom had a lot of breakthrough pain on Mon, Tues, and Weds. On Tuesday she had a doctor appointment and was advised to go back to the hospice pavilion. (Me: nooooo.) Luckily they only kept her for a few hours, saying there wasn't much more they could do for her there than at home. So she got to come home and sleep in her own bed and everything. Small victory, even though she had pain again the following night and morning. But today she hasn't had any breakthrough pain so far. That's something.

I have to focus on the good stuff every so often.
1) Gas is $2.99 a gallon here! I spent less than $50 on a tank. Yay!
2) Autumn leaves smell like cross country smells like my faith in middle school connects me to my youth kids.
3) Just four weeks until the Long Grove Turkey Trot! So nice to have something on the calendar that's just fun to look forward to.

Recently I signed up for an online dating account. I am not proud of this, but it does remind me that my identity and my hobbies go beyond "caregiver" and "sneaking naps as often as I possibly can." Not much luck so far, but it is highly entertaining to see the kind of stupid stuff guys will put on their profiles. Fourteen selfies in the mirror, really? No no no, my friend. This is your way to an A:

Grand Total of Five Excellent Pictures:
1) You, preferably a semi-professional picture taken by your buddy from school who minored in photography.
2) You with your buddies.
3) You decked to the nines at a wedding. Bonus points if you're giving the Best Man speech.
4) You doing something adventurous, like climbing a mountain or something.
5) You with a baby. Preferably your niece if you have one.

There you have it. Free advice. Take it or leave it.

Tomorrow is Halloween, or should I say Chuck Candy at Children Day!


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