Friday, October 31, 2014

"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" -Tchaikovsky

Erin Forrest is super amazing and strong and encouraging and wonderful! As stinky as POTS was for the both of us, it brought us together. She lives in New York City and on her way out West a couple years ago, she even stopped at my house to visit. Talk about a ridiculously fabulous friend. And tonight we texted back and forth. I was all cheered up. :-)

I'm frustrated I couldn't find the pics of us together when she visited, but here's one of her with a famous ballerina.

Erin is on the right. She is an amazing dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Baryshnikov even said so!

So here's to you, my dear, enduring friend. Let's hope I can make it out for the NYC marathon... or half-marathon... or just walking a 5k sometime. You're the best.


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