Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicago Children's Museum

Snowball (high school retreat) was excellent. There were a couple instances where I was tired, but I was able to be so active and involved; I'm so proud of myself and how much I've progressed. I love camp. I love meeting new people. I love meaningful discussion and taking steps (and leaps!) out of my comfort zone.  I'm so grateful for the entire experience and look forward to more Snowball weekends in the future. Doing well since, only a couple bruises! Keeping busy and social, which is wonderful.

This morning I went in for a planned procedure - an upper endoscopy. Surprisingly enough, my first experience of being on a hospital bed while they roll it down the hallway! "My name's Jenny, I'll be taking you to the procedure room" "Like down the hall?" "Yes." "Jenny, is it crowded?" "No." "Can we go faster?" Wheeeee!

The other nurses were awesome too: Hilda and Bernadette. "Emma, this Bernadette. She the BF. BF! Yo' boyfriend, HA." They gave me Demerol and a saline IV and something else.  I remember the oxygen tubing in my nose, but nothing after that. It doesn't hurt too much, just uncomfortable when I hiccup or cough. I've been sleeping and drinking lots of water. Still a little zonked out. We should get results... soonish? I don't know exactly what they're looking for, just blockages in the stomach that could explain my slow digestion and abnormal weight loss.

Yeeaah Snowball!

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