Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Admirals Club

The test was easy as pie. It was fun to chat with the technician for a couple hours. I love talking to strangers! 

Results: I have mild delayed gastric emptying.

Suggestions: Eat small frequent meals (5-6x/day); avoid greasy and fried foods, high-fiber foods (including most fruits/veggies), and dairy products. I will schedule a EGD (upper endoscopy) for next week.

I'm struggling a lot. I'm weak. Stairs and standing were tough today. It's hard to eat. I'm drinking gallons of fluids to combat "dry mouth" - literally I'm just not producing saliva. Dad got me some Biotene and I'll start using it tomorrow to help ease that symptom. Stomach aches and fatigue too. Yeah. Not pretty. 

I'm fighting. And I have to keep fighting it where I'm at. I'd planned and looked forward to going on vacation this weekend, but I'm simply not healthy enough to make it down to Florida. It's upsetting, to me and to everyone. Plenty of tears been shed on my end, that I know. But I have to listen to my body. As we've seen - over and over! - POTS is unpredictable. It doesn't understand calendars or important events or even the fact that I sometimes like to sleep past 5 in the morning! This whole thing is painful and ugly and not fair.

I'm in no condition to travel this week. I didn't (and don't) have a say in that. It's just the way it happened. Timing, you stink. I wish I had a choice. I wish I had control. We're all just rolling with the punches.

I'm gonna get stronger. I will. I will. I will.

darn right, I will.


P.S. latest choreo involves a luggage carousel. Title: "Baggage Claim."

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  1. I'm sorry darling. :( I was talking to Jimmy and it sounded like everyone was really excited to get you to Florida. Is there anything I can do? Call? Skype? Anything?