Monday, February 21, 2011

Starzeddel, Brandenburg, Germany

Gastroenterologist appt today went fine. My 29th(?) new doctor since this whole ordeal began. I appreciated her honesty; she has limited knowledge of whether my weight loss and indigestion are caused by drug interaction. She was somewhat familiar with the basics of POTS though, and sees two other patients with POTS.

She ordered a gastric emptying scan- set for next Monday. From what I understand, it's not particularly painful or invasive. It involves brief fasting, eating food with special dye in it, and then getting X-rays taken every 15 minutes for 2 hours. No biggie. I get to bring my own reading material. AND I don't have to wear a hospital gown. I get to wear my own clothes the whole time! YES. Obnoxiously bright-colored socks are being set aside as we speak.

I'm keeping pretty positive overall, but it's not without its occasional mental breakdowns. Body, you are so difficult. When can I drive again? This is pathetic. Listen! Don't you know there are dozens of third-world countries I'd rather be living in? Quit tossing my life around! I am not a salad.

...which makes me think of a multiculturalism lesson I once heard, about whether we should strive to be the great American "melting pot" or, rather, a tossed salad, where each identity is kept intact in creating a larger, more diverse community. hmm... :-)

keep well, love well!

Recommended films:
Convicted (starring Hilary Swank)
Inherit the Wind (1960, based on the real-life Scopes Trial of 1925)
Night at the Opera (Marx Bros.)
Rainman (starring Dustin Hoffman)
God Grew Tired of Us (about the "Lost Boys of Sudan")

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  1. Definitely a salad. A big salad.

    I don't want to be melted. =)

    Make good sock choices!