Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soda Fountain

Doing "well" since I got off the Nuvigil.last week. Fever today's only 98.9!

The day I did 5 loads of laundry, I jumped for joy. But it was the wrong type of detergent, so I jumped up and put it back. I love working. Being productive is so fulfilling! I got to help out at my mom's office and dog-sit at my aunt's. A couple days were tough when I couldn't sleep, but overall I'm happy with my ability to focus.

Still difficulty eating. Things We Take For Granted today is brought to you by... Saliva! It really, really helps break down food. Or at least that's what I imagine when food turns sandy in my mouth and I want to spit (pun intended) it out. I am virtually never hungry. Eating is so unpleasant; I can't even think about it. But I am able to eat some. It helps if I'm reading, or if I'm eating with someone else, it's usually a welcome distraction.

I'm frustrated, but not worried. I can recondition and get stronger physically. Go team.

Hey. I'm behind on like 12 means of communication. Sorry. I'm working on it. So I'm sending you BIG oodles of love!! And a blog you might enjoy: Things We Forget.

I have Random Acts of Kindness stories for later! Gotta sleep now!


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  1. I'm glad your fever is down! Although I do wish you'd be able to eat more. :( Speaking as someone who is currently going through a strong aversion to food, I understand.

    Over spring break maybe I'll come down and we'll do lunch together! I'll be a distraction, which you said helps, right? And hey, maybe I'll bring a movie or be a guest professor at your university and teach you to knit!

    Stay strong! <3