Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Institute

Pain. I think my internal organs are conspiring against me. All of them. Ow.

I will take this opportunity to officially announce the founding of The Emma Trevor Institute of Thought and Design.

The Institute is known for its awe-inspiring scenery [cassette tapes set up like dominoes], its strongly-enforced dress code [semi-pajamas], and its unheard-of 1:1 student:teacher ratio [both me]. I mean, that should go without saying. We're the most selective university in the world. Our staff features yours truly, Professor Emeritus of Trevorology: D.E.T. (Yes, I have been awarded a doctorate because I have been studying this species for, like, ever.)

The Founders are still working on a logo and mascot. Hm. Inspiration could strike at any -- Look! A dead bug!

Time to teach another challenging course: Overly Anticipating The Return of "The Office." I only award A's to students whose term papers include a stapler molded in Jell-0.

Prof. T-revs

Faculty Bio:
Books and articles include, Good Food Ought To Be Hidden (1999); "Small Things Forgotten: Unearthing 10,000 Beanie Babies" (2002); and who could forget the award-winning "Mastering Sarcasm: YEAH RIGHT" (2005).

[Source: My Crud-entials, 2010]


  1. Do you offer online courses? Especially for one who could have co-written MASTERING SARCASM? *wink wink*

  2. Emma why are you so awesome??!!! I want to attend your institute. 'twould be fantabulous.

    <3 Aud