Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extending Stay

It's frustrating and scary and cold. Long days. Neuro/cognitive problems, fatigue, vision weakness... who knows how much is due to the freezing cold? I was an absolute mess at home. Found a decent living situation here, but it's not worth a dime if I'm not FEELING better.

Consensus: Need more time to make a decision. I'll stay here with my grandparents through the week. It's supposed to be sunny and warmer, which will be a more accurate trial for my health than this crazy, fluky weather. Then we will reevaluate whether to (a) find more independent residence in FL; (b) return to IL and stick it out; (c) continue looking for places in San Diego; (d) meh. There's always Narnia.

Mom is flying back tomorrow. Lots to settle still.

So the goals this week: Monitor my health. Take care of myself. Salt, water, meds, sun, exercise some. No guilt, no worries. Things will turn out.

True story:

[Waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Me: weak and fading fast. Standing room only. Five minutes. Desperately snagged a place to sit.]
Elderly woman: Excuse me, dear, I have a back problem. [We make room. She sits, chuckles.] Aw, you girls are too young to have problems.
[Painful, painful glances.]
Me: You'd be surprised.

be kind out there,

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