Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carry You - Dispatch

Acupuncture itself was fine. Relaxing, and the needles are almost microscopic. No porcupine quills! It'll take about 6 visits to see if there’s a difference. It is no fun seeing new doctors though. Lots of paperwork, and then "Reason for Visit" ... in two lines or less. I think I wrote "I'm screwed up." Pff. Whatever gets the point across.

Here at the Institute, dreams do come true. Precisely every 50 minutes I observe two new driving students maneuver a car for the first time. Yep. The DRIVER EDUCATION hot-rod scoots around my street at 5 miles an hour...sixteen times today. I drove that car once. Sigh. So many near-death experiences. If your partner plays racing video games all day AND doesn't speak English, well, best to you.

Tomorrow I may stand in my front yard, excuse me, "The East Quad." New drivers need to learn to know how to cope with surprising or stressful situations behind the wheel. "Your lights! Your light-brights are on! Rainbow Brite! My Little Pony!" "What is this awful leak? I'll just light a match..." Or maybe I'll put a stop sign on my mailbox. Or a No U-Turn in the middle of the cul de sac. Or randomly place a few orange cones or blinking yellow lights. Speed Minimum 55. No parking. No stopping. Time to switch drivers, just keep rolling. Watch your feet.

I wish I could drive.


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