Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Fixer Upper" / Frozen Soundtrack

The anticipation hurts. Everything hurts.

A few guidelines for the upcoming weeks:
1) Don't drop by unannounced. It's rude.
2) Flowers die. Dead flowers are depressing and they smell. Please, no more flowers.
3) If you feel you must send something other than a card, send candles or tea. Candles give light. They make me think of my mom. Tea warms me up. Makes me think of my mom.

Tomorrow my sister and I are donating a bunch of my mom's clothes to a women's shelter and to Goodwill. We know her legacy will live on as women go to interviews in suits she used to wear. I pray they will know her confidence and strength.

I miss her already. I've missed her for a long time already.

I love you, Mom. I'm bringing more of our favorite books to read to you tomorrow. I know you can hear us. I know you'll always be with us.


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