Friday, August 3, 2012

Seize the Day

Oh lordy. I do not want to write this post.

Last Tuesday I had an amazing day. Still on a high from fellowship the night before, I had a great, challenging session with my trainer in the morning, and my afternoon was productive. Things were really looking up! Then, while out to dinner with a bunch of church friends (hello, you wonderful people!), I suddenly felt fatigued and suffered a petit mal seizure. I'd never had a seizure before. Boy, was I lucky to be with my mom and a lot of people who care about me and know about POTS! I didn't lose consciousness or control of anything except my eyes. They rolled up into my head and flitted around for about 5-10 minutes. It was scary. We thought it was just because I had a tough workout, combined with maybe a change in my sodium intake and a potassium deficiency. The episode eventually passed. Our friends escorted me to the car in case I fell. Temporary remedy: OJ, banana, vitamins, rest.

A couple days later I was fatigued again. I felt "pre-seizure" almost the whole day. Lazy, uncontrollable eyes, some heart palpitations, needing to lie down regularly. I missed out on a couple family events, and the one I did attend was largely spent lying on the couch.. On Saturday I had another small seizure, after eating lunch. I called my dad to come sit with me until it passed.

This week I've been taking a potassium supplement, a calcium supplement, and increasing my intake of foods with high amounts of either of those nutrients. I've also cut down my sodium, to about 3,000 mg/day (although I'm not keeping track like I used to). I'm nauseous, exhausted, and have little appetite. I'm on the couch a lot. I haven't been able to work out. Even going for a walk is tiring. My brain's not keeping up with conversations all the time. I wasn't surprised when I had a third seizure on Wednesday night after I took a shower. I'd been feeling "seizure prone" for a couple days. Same as the first time: flitty, rolled-back eyes for a few minutes.

Today I saw my GP. She ordered an EKG (normal), blood tests (we'll know in one week), and an EEG and MRI which we'll schedule for next week. Yay (sarcasm). My cardiologist (IEP) doesn't have an opening until next month, but we'll see him as soon as possible.

Sigh. The thing I'm most upset about is that I'm one HUGE step further away from driving. Huff. Whatever. Rollin with the punches! Watching lots of movies and listening to some awesome music. In terms of what you can do to Pray. Hold my hand if you're with me when I have a seizure. Come over and watch a dumb Lifetime movie with me. Or better yet, recommend a good movie or TV show! I value your opinion.

Thank you all for your concern. I'm hoping this is just a temporary setback.

press on,

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  1. Emma! WTH (what the heck)???? You were SO good at Lake Geneva. You looked great; you were engaged with all those weird family members; you made me cry when I hugged you goodbye BECAUSE of all those things! Are these seizures to be expected with POTS? And what's this about can't see the cardiologist for a month??? Go SIT on his doorstep until he sees you!!!!
    Prayers & good wishes from the Randolphins of New Jersey. love,
    Aunt Annie