Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week

I GOT TO KEEP MY CLOTHES ON! Omigosh. No hospital gowns? Who knew! Definitely the highlight of my week. Score.

My neurologist hasn't yet looked at my test results, but here's what I thought about them:
  • Brain MRI - different noises than the other two I've had, and shorter in duration, but otherwise unremarkable. Pretty standard. I'm an old pro at these.
  • EEG - not my favorite exam to say the least. Yeesh! You have to come in sleep deprived (a state I am all too familiar with), and then perform some commands with 26 gooey electrodes slapped on your head. My eyes wanted to freak out, but the technician kept saying to keep them as still as I could. With much difficulty, I obliged, thus forcing my entire lower body to twitch uncontrollably throughout the test. And don't get me started on the dreaded strobe light! Yet the technician said she didn't see any evidence of seizure during the test. Hm.
  • Most recent blood test - normal. 

Given that my episodes can last for up to 15 minutes and so far I've never lost consciousness, the neurologist thinks my eye episodes are not traditional seizures, but rather a sign of autonomic dysfunction. My mom hypothesized about my tendency to be somewhat hypoglycemic, and upon reading my bloodwork, Dr. S noticed my numbers were at the low end of the spectrum. She has ordered a Glucose Overload Test (Monday). I will also complete a Holter monitor test to check out my palpitations. Follow-up scheduled for next Friday.

Tip of the day: If you are a receptionist in a doctor's office, wear something slightly nicer than a t-shirt. You are, supposedly, a professional. Yet you decide to wear an ugly old t-shirt. Well as long as it's not that one-- wait, seriously? You didn't. (Ohh yes she did, Miss Thang!) You wore the t-shirt with big, black skulls on it. Haha, well it's not like you work in the healthcare industry. That would just be cruel.

What are you thinking?! What does this say about the doctors you represent? Ugh. Come on.

Also, your fancy chained pen doesn't work, you're a half hour behind, and for Pete's sake, spit out your fluorescent yellow gum! Like a cow smacking on her 80s neon cud. And get your overhead light fixed. The flickering is gonna give me a flippin' seizure! Or whatever this is!

Doctor's offices these days, bless their hearts.

Blueberries and vanilla ice cream,

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