Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun-sized, Me-size!

I'm about 8 weeks into my training, and things are going well. I'm gaining muscle, stamina, and flexibility. My weight has leveled out, which is great. I haven't gotten my heart rate in the target zone for a couple weeks, but I'm okay with that. Kinda wonky last week. We had some brutal, hot, humid days here in Chicago, and for me it's not worth it to risk a full-out workout in those conditions, even indoors. Safety first!

Salt: as much as I can bear. Tip: one tortilla has 410mg of sodium. Yeah, eatin' like 4 of those a day. Here's a great list I found too, for people seeking high-sodium foods. POTS is even mentioned in the comments.

Exercise is so fun. I forgot how much I love weight training, especially upper body and core muscles. They make your posture fierce! Which allows you to breathe more efficiently, and sing more fully! Yay!

Favorite compliment of late: "Emma! Wow, look at you. You're so... Emma-sized!"

Trust me, ladies; we are not meant to be super thin. Little boy bodies are for little boys. Celebrate yourself. Honor yourself. Challenge your muscles, mind, and heart to grow strong with a fun and active lifestyle. Fitness can be an art form, an outlet of creativity and problem-solving. And it builds self-confidence and gym membership can foster relationships! Exercise is good. Eating is good. Taking care of ourselves is so incredibly important. Don't let anybody-- self, family, media-- tell you that being stick thin is equivalent to being healthy. Ain't so. Healthy Emma is Emma-sized.

Anyway. Squee. I am happy.

2:30am, still waiting for some kind of sleepiness to set in. No biggie. To the DVR!

love love love,
(see you at the family reunion?)

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