Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time flies, horseflies, elephant flies

Dear God,
I don't know how or why you do it. Yeah. Wow. Thanks.

I posted on January 1 that I was looking for a job. January 2, 7:30 a.m., phone rings. Two days later, started working part-time for a family nearby.  My charges are two middle school girls whose home life has seen its share of trouble. Money was my original motivator, but I'm gaining enormous perspective on life and childhood. I frequently doubt my abilities to handle what they're going through, but if nothing else, I can be a healthy role model.

Health and psych classes are going swimmingly. First test tomorrow. Topic: stress management. Woo-hoo! Diaphragmatic breathing rocks!

Due to work/school, family obligations, and need for rest/sleep, I have not been able to participate in ESL at all this semester. Big sad face. I miss that community so much. I would much rather be there than in my own classes. Alas, it's something I can go back to, right? Little sniffle. Mustn't dwell on the subject.

Church hopping is fun! I love connecting with people and not knowing whether I'll ever see them again. It makes you seize the moment, you know? Compliment that 8-year-old's sparkly purple lip gloss. It'll make her day. And I may hop there again sometime soon. :)

peace and chamomile tea,

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