Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Begins

Hello out there! It's been so long. How have you been? You look great! And your hair! Well, yeah, it could really use a trim. I happen to have a couple of sharpened spoons in my purse, it'd take me two seconds to snip off that awkward tuft. No, no, other side of your head, dear. What? No! I mean, you can hardly tell. One kind of overshadows the other. It's not so bad. Just ask the nice lady for your money back. What do you mean, "not much of a lady?" You what?

And so we resume our blogging schedule, A gift for you, dear friends: my witty yet poetic perspective on life; my fanciful feast of prose; my great, noble, glorious, and of course humble, humble words-- all posted so you, gentle readers, may not act out of despair or desperation, say, by soliciting a 12-year-old girl to cut your hair. Lemonade stand aside, do you really want to spend your investment dollars on her? No, the pink plastic barrettes do not make it look less foofy. Friend, your hair is important to me. You deserve better.

Anyway, I'm back! Things are looking up overall. I'm gaining weight (2 pounds!), still driving, working out, and keeping busy. I'm starting classes at CLC in a couple weeks-- very excited for my two classes: Lifespan Development and Community Health. Planning to continue volunteering with Snowball and ESL this semester. Did I mention my ESL student, Youngsim, had her baby this week? A healthy little girl. Aw, I feel like a proud auntie.

Looking for some means of steady income... most likely more chores, babysitting, and ESL tutoring. My only frustration right now is that I have to sleep 12 hours a day. But that's so minor compared to all the pain and limitation from before. I'm amazed about being able to function perfectly in the rain and drive in snow! Beautiful little things that are so big to me and my family!

The fam's still going through some "challenges." But we're all optimistic about turning things around in 2012. Tomorrow the Trevor Tribe will climb to Mount Wannahockaloogie and dramatically shoot our New Year resolutions through the Ring of Fire!

My first goal: Church hop weekly. More on that later.

most sincere wishes for a bright new year,

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