Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wherever Kate Jablonski Teaches

What I'm "working on" today. Keeping choreo ideas where I'll be able to find them again.

We Are Okay (Joshua Radin) - for 3, siblings reminiscing. I think 2 men/ 1 woman, for lifts.

Set: mattress, desk (wheels?), chair (non-spinning, but with wheels? like the seat stays still but the chair itself can be moved), or 3 blocks representing furniture. Props: bedsheet, woman's sweater (cerulean?), books. [flashlights? cardboard box? pillows? toy chest?] Wardrobe: pajamas/sweats/tanks. Bare feet. Little/no makeup/hair. Lights: morning ish, like through trees into a house. Performance space: stage.

sister wakes up 1st. brothers reluctant, studying?
lyric "home/cardboard" = all 3
2nd chorus - jubilant
peter pan theme, pirates, follow-the-leader, woman "walks the plank" (off the desk) men catch (and throw?) her.
sweater becomes cape, baseball cap as crown? or begging? chair=throne? lots of pantomime and imaginitive play possible. smile!
birth order? make clear, although they're grown and needn't be height order. sister oldest like Wendy? idk.

desk: start stage R, facing stage R. chair there where it should be. desk ends: centerstage/down center, facing audience. chair ends up...someplace else.

bed always up-center (pretty sure)

finish: stage lights out, shining flashlights out from fort (made by sheet+desk)

...and maybe all that won't fit into 2:45. shrug. :)

Take My Hand  (Shawn McDonald) - for young men's ensemble (age 13-16?), ideally 12 dancers, basketball court, brick/concrete wall, daytime, urban. For filming and/or live performance. (Not for stage.)

*splice to be around 2 minutes
**do another song by this artist/style for younger boys (8-11? 12?)

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