Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ashley Clubhouse

An energetic few days! Now feeling crappy. Didn't sleep well.

Dance stuff:

Redeemed (Charlotte Martin) - I love everything about this song. Will choreo at some point.

Haven't found music yet. Title of dance: "The Weary Bell-Ringer" - for female solo. Very dramatic.Tan, tattered dress. Dark, dim lighting. Stormy? Cues for lightning? Ropes (symbols of bells)...12? Hanging in a clump centerstage. She gets tangled. Experienced gymnast. Dissonant bell-chord at finish?

Title: "The Anti-OxiDance" - idk yet. Will have to study nutrition more. Dancers play the parts. Acai berries or green tea or dark chocolate or something. De-lish. (Superfood?! this could be quite fun.)


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