Friday, January 14, 2011

The Bench to the Left of the Kmart

These types of posts may make no sense. Just notes that I won't lose or forget. feel free to skip.

i'm sure this song has been done a zillion times already (for dance) but it is quite excellent.

Mouthwash (Kate Nash) - for women's ensemble. 30-50 dancers? Big production. For stage? Ideal. Realistic? Maybe not. Could look great on film. Multi-media?

maybe taking beginning lyrics as too literal of a cue. hrm. but diversity! lots lots! age, size, race, anything. (no younger than 15 though.)

Cast- in order of appearance?
white bathrobe
hair in white towel, green mask face
white cami and... dance shorts? or zipping up (dance-able, obviously) skirt?

looking in mirrors, displeased. (not unison.) pantomiming morning tasks.

others entering more rapidly. (random descriptions)
jeans, sweater
shiny watch
biting nails
cell phone, laughing
flipping through index/flash cards? business cards?
fingers plugged in ears
coin purse, counting
some kind of uniform. scrubs?
leg-warmers, tights, tunic? jacket?
high heels & up-do hair
homely, dirty, perhaps injured?
pinching nose bridge and looking up, pacing
name badge hanging from neck

none interacting? many seemingly "put together" but show more emotion/anger as approaching chorus.

ideally each "character" gets introduced for a second? dancers are actors. should know exactly the character being portrayed. woman's name, age, place of birth, language. family. personal history. hopes, dreams, fears. habits. favorite food. pet peeve. what happened last year, yesterday, 1 minute ago. what is she feeling? why has this propelled her into movement? what has been realized or accomplished by the end of this piece?

(oh my goodness. i am my theatre teacher.)
(and that surprised people.)

chorus, thinking unison or clear 2-part canon.
"singing oh-oh" - individual. levels!  improv? some exit.

"even if you try to hold me back"- punk/black lipstick girl runs to downcenter, two others backflip downstage.
everyone passing in patterns throughout the stage. 5 or so interactions: helping another up from ground, back-roll thing, coordinating levels, nod. are they understanding each other? every person is going through something!

can't decide how to end. i kind of would like to fade out the music til the girl "tuning out" (fingers in ears. or ear buds?) is out loud singing "oh oh" ...  as if ... content is not the right word. less afraid? i think she's the youngest one of the ensemble. then silhouette against a warm color. orange/pink?


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