Monday, November 15, 2010

St. Paul's

Hi! Sorry I haven't been writing- it's a good thing in this case. Only have a few minutes; brief summary.

What a week. Enjoyed a successful stay with Aunt Lauren at G&G's for a few days, taking care of the pets. And I had so much energy with the weird warm weather that I got to tackle a couple organization projects. Next up: gift wrap closet of doom! No, not doom. More like, glittery plaid Santa snowmen ribbon/bows, with coordinating paper and tissue paper from Marshall Fields. (Vintage!) Fun. Fulfilling. I like feeling useful.

What else... saw a couple plays. Shopped. Slept. Went to my mom's office. More interesting stories for later. I've been doing pretty well and keeping busy. I'll be back on the doggie duty later this week. My brother is coming home from Japan tomorrow! Hooray!


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