Sunday, November 7, 2010

Allentown, PA

Getting cold. Trouble eating/sleeping. Especially eating. Saw my family doctor about the weight loss. She didn't know, but took three vials of blood for various tests.

Rested up for my sister's show, West Side Story, which was great! Even though I'm particular (see also: snobbish) about dialects. If yeh from Joyzee, es gotta be Joyzee trew-n-trew, arrite buddy boys? Accurate, consistent tone of voice adds to stage presence like you wouldn't believe. Or rather, you would believe, as an audience member, that that ain't just some kid in an outfit onstage. That IS Baby John, Krupke, Maria.

Staying with my aunt - my first night away from home in so long! Yay. My room here is toasty; my toes are happy. :)


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