Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pain yesterday. I felt like there was something stuck between my brain and my scalp. Like a piece of crumpled-up construction paper. Maybe orange. Burnt orange. Like the color that gets neglected at the arts-and-crafts table. Bent and cut and used as confetti. And then the confetti got stuck in my brain. Seriously, I wanted to take off my scalp and wash my brain.

Anyway. Doing better now. It is 7am, and my family and I will be leaving shortly for Michigan, where we will meet up with more family. Predictions: chaos and Bill Cosby.

Hoping I have enough energy for a few days of craziness. I am determined to make it out of there alive. Israel class next week!

StoryCorps is so eye-opening. Enjoy this video:

all the best for your weekend!

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