Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Major ups and downs. Achy. Gotta give myself time to adjust to meds.

Tomorrow my sister goes back to school. The days might be quiet and still. All the more reason to dive back into meditation, right? To transform through the renewing of your mind-- not only restful but develops insight as well. What will this year bring? God only knows. Be not afraid to find out. :)


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  1. Have you been to a hypnotherapist before? It's not the same as meditation, of course, but some people think it's beneficial for healing in general? I just had 3 sessions with a hypnotherapist for performance anxiety/confidence issues, but it's helpful in areas relating to levels of anxiety, positivity, stress, etc. It may not directly treat POTS, but I know I left feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed-- just a lot better overall. I dunno- something to think about, at least.

    <3 Audrey