Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baba Ganoush

We have electricity again > A/C and the internet > I should write this already.

To be brief and honest, my visit with Dr. Grubb did not go well. That is not to say you should not see him or another POTS specialist. He is very knowledgeable, certainly, and mentioned some good points, namely that that those who get better will continue to get better. I'm glad he was upfront about the fact that I may have more relapses, and the road to recovery may be bumpy still. I get that. And it's very hard to hear "be patient" or even "it'd be a fantasy to think you'll go back to the way you were". Ouch.

His bedside manner is just... off-putting. He talked a lot, getting on tangents that had nothing to do with me. Dr. Grubb is very concerned about pregnancy. Three of his youngest POTS patients got pregnant this year- and that kind of bodily stress would wreak havoc on the autonomic nervous system. I understood and said I wasn't one he'd have to worry about. But still his lecture continued, and it felt like an accusation.

The appointment must've been an hour and a half. Not once did he ask about my symptoms, my day-to-day pain or severely limited lifestyle. He had no comment on my current medication. Our questions about Kangen water, light therapy, soundwave therapy -- things that have helped other people through pain and stormy weather -- all ideas were dismissed with an expression that could be best described as insulted.

Whatever. At the end of the day, I'm the patient. I'll do whatever helps me.

He gave me a prescription for Nuvigil - a stimulant used predominantly by the military and night-shift workers. I will keep it around and can take it on an as-needed basis.

Other highlights: Reconditioning, hydration, don't get bitter, take small steps, "don't freak out". He highly recommended taking short courses online at, to test my stamina for sitting in class and being able to pay attention.

Other breaking news: a friend-of-a-friend who has POTS is getting an MRA (like an MRI) done this week to analyze the arteries to his brain, because the brain being deprived of oxygen is what causes his POTS symptoms. Will wait to hear what happens!

To whoever left their peanut shells all over the rest stop parking lot for me to stomp on: Thank you. That was a great stress-reliever. :)



  1. I'm sorry your appointment was disappointing. :(
    You've kept up an amazingly great attitude, and I think your 'I'M the patient' stance is exactly what you have to stick to. Because you are the best judge of what's working and what isn't-- and because you definitely have way better judgement than most people. :)

    praying for you!
    <3 Aud

  2. I've learned something very important in life, and that is you have to fire a LOT of doctors. Yes they have degrees and knowledge, but you are the PHD when it comes to YOU. Keep your positive attitude, and keep moving forward.

    Hugs and kisses and hopes and wishes...
    Kathie Stanek

  3. Ugh, I think I wanna punch Dr Grubb in the face.

    ...inappropriate? Sorry, it's just how I feel.