Monday, August 23, 2010


The Emma Trevor Institute of Thought and Design is back in session! Yippee! I got my schedule today. (Gosh, my professor's handwriting is so familiar!) No dates/times/deadlines. Just get healthy and learn a lot in the meantime. *Class listing subject to change whenever I feel like it.

Fall 2010
Emma Trevor
ID# 000001

-Fitness and Wellness
-Trends in Contemporary Musical Theatre
-Recommended Books
-Dialect & Communication Studies
-Cultural Studies: Southern Africa
-Foundations of Faith
-Foreign Films
-Bulletin Board Decorating Sciences

Plan of attack: Youtube, Wikipedia, books, magazines, TV. Mostly the internet. I'm so happy I've been able to read as much as I have been. Take nothing for granted.

I guess it's like a big project. Curiosity as distraction. I can work with that.

Best musical find: "Alto's Lament"

happy semester,

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