Monday, April 19, 2010

We Live - Superchick

I'm doing really well. Today I spontaneously befriended two five-year-old girls on my street. (Little-girl squeals) "PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES!" We ran around for an hour. AN HOUR. I've had so much energy since I got back from San Diego. It's almost weird. I'm reading, exercising, I got to attend my sister's voice recital... it's great. Taking nothing for granted.

And I walked around the MALL. I haven't even BEEN to a mall in a year. Not tired at all. Ahh yay.

The Emma Trevor Institute of Thought and Design is sponsoring a room makeover. My sister and I are designing and thinking. Cotton Whisper. June Vision. Pensive Sky. Whoever gets to name paint colors, I'm jealous.



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  1. Emma,
    SO VERY glad to hear you had a good day. There are many more on the horizon, it's just hard to see them off in the distance just yet. Hang in there!