Friday, April 2, 2010

Dr. Grubb's Office

Today: University of Toledo Health Center, Division of Cardiology, Autonomic Disorders Clinic
For: Beverly Karabin, PhD, RN, CNP
Time: 1.5 hours
Result: Good stuff, vague stuff, feeling really tired.

In the waiting room where my sister plays 10 games of solitaire, and stares curiously at an overweight stranger's t-shirt. "I ♥ COWS", a giant cheeseburger on the back. She sips from an extra-large McDonalds cup. Seriously? You're in the office for cardiology, steps away from the emergency unit. It's not my place to judge, ever. But I'm keeping an eye on this food revolution Jamie Oliver's got going.

The doctor is understanding and knowledgeable. Presented some detailed (albeit limited) studies and data. She reads through my various work-ups, talks meds, school, San Diego, etc. Reinforced (1) POTS will not shorten my life; I will grow out of it; (2) We're doing everything right (tilt-training, salt, etc); (3) We can work with USD's administration to get as much help as we need to make school possible for me. Beverly has spent the last 5 years (and just completed!) her dissertation on *ahem* "College Students with the Hidden Disability of Orthostatic Intolerance." BAM. A personal note from a specialist, oh, AND 328 pages of research... well that's handy.

Getting tired so I'll wrap this up: She's enthusiastic about school, but honest that the road may be bumpy. Respected my past Rx attempts and recommended a stimulant to boost energy; prescribed Wellbutrin (to begin after I get home from SD). Then we'll monitor Celexa and Florinef. Pointed out patients who have gone on to live happy and full lives, and even having natural children. So. Hope. Get through today. Nothing is impossible!

Not sure if the visit itself was worth the drive, but it's cool to be officially on Grubb's patient list. He sees 1500 a year, just with POTS. I'm worn out from sitting up in the car. Gotta rest up. Six days to San Diego!

My sister is cool. My mom is cool. {mufflemufflemuffle) from Project Runway is cool.


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