Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where Are You Going - Dave Matthews Band

Tests back.

Lyme, negative. Vitamin D, Thiamin, Iron levels, etc, normal. Ultrasound next week, no biggie. Best news is that we're officially on Beverly's calendar for next month! Ohio, kids. This office is the center of the POTS world. My 20th doctor and 6th state. We're gonna work this out.

In the meantime, happy to have above-freezing temperatures and sunshine!

love and baked goods,


  1. Fantastic!
    Is this your first rockstar? This Dr.Grubb? Grapevine says: he ROCKS :)
    Glad you have something to look forward to!
    As much as one can look forward to a Drs Appt anyway...

    someone at

  2. How rude, I was still working on my ps! haha
    My "word verification" required to prove my non-botness for permission to post was:


    sane psycho? someone at word verification obviously has a sick sense of humor! lol