Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Think of You - A Fine Frenzy

Today: Saw my cardio electrophysiologist. Frustrated with my case. Recommends a visit to Dr. Grubb's office in Ohio. Hoping to reach Beverly Karabin, RN.

Running some numbers, took 5 vials of blood. Not so bad. New nurses, particularly male ones, are so funny.

"So. We're gonna like, draw some blood now."
"Coooool. Yeah. Are you nervous?"
"Nah. I'm a pro [at getting blood taken]."
"Oh." [Uncomfortable. Obviously he is NOT a pro at taking blood.]

"Are you doing okay?"
"Cool. That's...cool."

"So you're not like, light-headed or anything, like?"
"Cool. And you're like, good to go, cool?"
"Okay, thanks."
"Alriiite. Cool."

Will write again when I get the results. Poor new guy. I shouldn't make fun. It's just too, like, easy.

Arrested Development is hysterical!



  1. Not a very reassuring feeling when your nurse is more nervous than you lol You were a great confidence builder I'm sure :)

    Check your email ....

  2. Thinking of you....

    Praying for you....

    Love Arrested Development!


    And more HUGS!!!

    And even more HUGS!!!

  3. at times like this a macab (sp?) sense of humor my be all that makes your day. did you offer to teach him how to take blood!

    aunt cheryl