Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last couple days, not so good. Exhausted, palpitations, joint pain. So frustrating. Agh.

BUT I am so, so blessed! My blog lurkers are the coolest. Hang in there, POTSies!

  • Here's the National Dysautonomia Awareness Week event page on Facebook.

More later, gotta rest!

Keep those spirits up, yeah yeah?


  1. Keep the spirits up, indeed!

    I saw this video and I thought of you. It's a sad video; it describes the experience of chronic illness. But it's a good video nonetheless. I'm posting to the link to say "I know you're going through a lot of crap, but hang in there".

  2. as soon as I manage to actually buy envelopes and stamps, you'll have a letter in the mail from me, I promise! I really enjoyed getting a card from you :D

    <3 Aud