Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almond Joy

This month's titles will feature - you guessed it - candy!

Starting classes at community college has certainly been a test, physically and mentally. My good hours are great, yet the bad days are totally consuming. It's a lot of uncertainty, but we're just taking it day by day. After exploring the droptions (ha), I changed my schedule, trying to space out my classes more. I need a lot of time to gear up and then to recover. The goal is to stay a full-time student. New sched: EnviroBio, Film, starting Speech in a couple weeks, and taking Linguistics online (oh the irony!).

For Linguistics, I like the online setup so far. It's such a relief that I can work around my own schedule. If I need to rest, no worries, I rest. I can choose to be "in class" whenever I'm feeling well. Like today, I'm having a really good day, so I took 2 weeks' worth of notes, just to get ahead. All the resources are right there. In terms of socialization and motivation, I think a real classroom is preferable. Plus there are still deadlines and papers and projects; this format is not for everyone. But in my condition, I think the option of an online class is fab ... especially when my mental clarity is good but my physical symptoms aren't always reliable.

Extra-Strength 5-Hour Energy? Get me a shovel, cuz I dig it.

This is your brain on B vitamins,

Most recent stats:

Temp: 99.5

Lying down: 128/75 ... HR 61
Sitting up: 120/78 ...... HR 59
Standing: 116/70 ........ HR 67

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