Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kit Kat Bar

Still feeling crummy. The constant battle of it, physically and mentally, completely drains me. Focusing everything on my health right now. Numbers are weird: 135/80, HR 44. What a mess.

But we got good news! My dad's company just announced that starting next year I can't be denied health insurance based on my status as a student. Huge relief. My mom is working so hard, talking with all the docs, profs, and insurance reps. What an awesome blossom, my favorite researcher. Ahh and I am so happy about 1/1/10!

Break me off a piece of that... (Andy Bernard... The Office... Anyone?)

dunder mifflin,


  1. Sending you a Powerbar to chase down that KitKat!
    Hang in there Emma,
    we're all pulling for ya.

  2. yay insurance! That's one less thing to worry about.