Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stand In The Rain - Superchic[k]

Rough days. Didn't sleep well last night. Talking about putting me on another drug to help combat the fatigue... ugh. On a whim this morning we had me try "5-Hour Energy" - yes, the one with the ubiquitous commercials. And you know what? It worked. I was (and to some degree, still am) mentally alert! Yeah! A little hyped up, sure, but I felt really good! :)

I don't know very much about 5-Hour Energy. Claims to be more "natural" than other energy drinks - amino acids, B vitamins, and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee; low calorie, low sugar. I love the idea of boosting energy with a supplement rather than adding another drug. I'm not totally symptom-free, but it's been a good, productive day. Answered a bunch of emails, ordered textbooks, swam. Just having the mental clarity is huge. I'm hoping this energy supplement will help me get through classes -- starting in just a couple of weeks!

Right now I'm signed up for 5 classes at CLC, knowing that I can drop one if need be. The lineup is: Environmental Biology, History of Asia, Intro to Teaching, Film, and Speech. Nice.

The moral of the story: POTS is such a general description for a disorder so incredibly unique to each person, no two cases are identical. What causes a bad reaction for one person may be extraordinarily helpful for another. Find what helps you. My mantra: Whatever it takes.

Ah! And check out these freakishly stable numbers!
lying down .... 108/73 ..... HR 57
sitting up .......108/73 ...... HR 50
standing up ...116/79 ...... HR 57

Not. Even. Kidding. :)

I'll try to get to more emails etc tomorrow.


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