Friday, January 16, 2015

Egyptian Mint Green Tea

Today has been a better day. No pre-seizure episodes.

Good friends do for you what you can't do for yourself. They give you a different perspective. A more hopeful approach. They cheer you on and remind you how far you've come. They open the curtains to reveal the bright future that was there all along.

And maybe they give you some pizza or hummus to take home, because they want to make sure you're eating. :)

Everyone says the first year after losing someone is the hardest. So to make it a little easier, and to keep in touch with my mom's friends/cousins/etc, every Friday in 2015 will be Mom Tribute Friday. Today was Week 2, with our trainer and dear friend Val!

And here's from Week 1, our best gal pals Camee and Amy!

Or if we don't want that straw pointing at my belly button, the edited version!

Shout-out to my newest reader, MR! Love ya, girlie!

The days are getting longer. Keeping my chin up.


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